A new scam email targeting lawyers making the rounds

Not a day goes by that I don’t receive some sort of scam or spoofed email.  Generally the emails read as if they went through google’s translate function and almost always include the word “kindly.”  I am not sure why that term is so prevalent in scams, but if you see the words “kindly respond” or something similar, do not run off to verify your account numbers with them.

Today’s scam actually looks somewhat legit at first glance, but I don’t do business with the sender.  A quick and easy way to detect a scam is to simply move your cursor over the hyperlinks in the text of the email. Do not open or click anything.  Simply hover your cursor over the hyperlinks to see if they actually point to a legitimate location.

This email appeared to come from Jeff Parmer, Processor at Blue Ridge Title & Escrow, Inc.


Move the cursor over the “Visit us at our Website” hyperlink and it appears to go to their website.  So far, so good.


However, if you hover over “Open Message” you will see that link would take you to https://taslihan.com/wp-admin/closing/


Taslihan.com is not affiliated with Blue Ridge Title & Escrow and is registered to:

Registrant Contact
Name: Mustafa COBAN
Organization: Mustafa COBAN
Mailing Address: SUtCU imam caddesi 127/B, Istanbul 34400 TR
Phone: 90.5458380222
Email: webmastermustafa@gmail.com

What are the chances that webmaster Mustafa in Istanbul is legit?  I trust him as much as I do the quality of the last burrito in the gas station window at midnight.  If you aren’t expecting an email from someone, don’t click links in the email and don’t open attachments.

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