Eagle Lake residents moving back in

WLBT3 reports that residents of Eagle Lake are slowing moving back in.  Thankfully, Highway 61 has reopened to allow northbound traffic.  Even while Highway 61 was closed, a small band of determined resident rode out the flood.  I wish I could have been there to do the same, but it wouldn’t have been nearly as fun if the backwater levee had failed.  If that would have occurred, the cabin I share with a couple of friends would have been about chest deep with river water and mud.  I can tell you from experience, mud is only fun when you want to be in it.  It’s fine for frog gigging, duck hunting, fishing etc.  On the other hand, if you are working or living in it, it is a pain in the backside.

According to the current Flood Timeline from the US Army Corp of Engineers, it looks like it will be mid June before Highway 465 reopens.  As soon as it does, expect to see truckloads of residents and weekenders (including me) returning.  I cant wait to move back in and get on the water.  There is something about watching the sunset of Eagle that relaxes the body and mind.  Having a good pup along isn’t bad either.

Will the backwater levee hold to keep Eagle Lake from flooding?

So far, the answer is yes.  The US Army Corp of Engineers released an informative video showing what would happen if the backwater levee were to fail.  If you are looking at the map in the video, that horseshoe area at the bottom left is Eagle Lake.  Even without a levee failure, overtopping is expected for a few days.  Unless you have a death wish, stay away from the levee and out of the water.  It is impossible to describe the tremendous force of mother nature and the big muddy.

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