Search terms……….Ask Randy v2

Version 2 of my previous blog post Ask Randy.   As stated in the previous post, it is a combination of Dear Abby, ask a friend and general Mississippi legal advice.  If you have a specific legal issue contact an attorney licensed in your state for your specific issue.  Keep this legal notice in mind.

if a divorce goes to trial does the man always end up worse

Worse than what?  Worse than if he settled on equitable terms? Maybe.  Worse than if he never had a go through a divorce?  Probably so.  Worse than taking a horrible settlement offered by his future ex?  Doubtful.  Every case and potential settlement must be evaluated on its own terms.

what happens if you pick up your husband’s last name and u get divorce

You keep it unless you request that your maiden name be restored in the divorce.

what recourse is available to me if my husband did not tell me he murdered someone prior to us getting married.

That is a freaky situation, but not grounds for divorce in Mississippi.

wife cheats on husband and wins in court

A basis or ground for divorce may entitle you to divorce, but it is not outcome determinative.  While the court may consider marital fault, cheaters receive an equitable distribution of marital assets and debt.

since i married ten years ago my wife and her exbf want kill me

Strongly consider getting a divorce and moving on with your life.  No reason to stay around anyone that wants to kill you!

bringing mistress home to live before divorce is final does that hurt custody changes

It certainly doesn’t help your chances.  Just don’t do it.

how to divorce your crazy boyfriend

Leave.  No legal process is required to separate yourself from a boyfriend.

are muzzle loaders legal for felons

Not in Mississippi.

what is it call if you lie in a divorce court

It is called many things…..perjury, stupid, a bad idea, a good way to go to jail, how to piss of the judge, etc.  Just don’t do it.

how to make sure my wife gets nothing in divorce

That probably isn’t going to happen.  Get over it.

if a man leaves you 5 times and keeps coming back what are the odds of divorce

I am not sure Vegas would put odds on it, but at least 50/50 (meaning I don’t have a clue).

what can one due to stop grandparents from meddling in divorce proceding by funding adulterous son

Nothing.  His parents can pay whatever they want on his behalf.  Only worry about what is in your control.

i am with a man thats married thst says his attorney said to wait to grt divorced until the house sells

There is a decent chance that you will be waiting a LOOOOOOOONG time.



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