Words that aren’t in the Constitution

Chris McDaniel is widely quoted as saying “The word ‘education’ is not in the Constitution. Because the word is not in the Constitution, it’s none of their business…”   This sounds interesting but what if we expand that line of thinking?

There are 4,440 words in the Constitution.  What other words aren’t mentioned in the Constitution?

  •  “Guns” and “Ammunition”  – not in the Constitution.  Can I get a tank?  What about a ballistic cruise missile?  They aren’t mentioned, so it must be none of their business.
  • “Liberty” is mentioned once.  Do we only get it once in our life or does that mean it isn’t very important?
  • “Adultery” isn’t mentioned so it must not be “their business.”
  • “Abortion” isn’t mentioned.  Must not be of any import.
  • “Gay” or “homosexual” – neither are in the Constitution.  Are they “none of their business.”
  • “Hunting” or “fishing” isn’t mentioned.  Must be nothing.
  • Neither “drug” nor “alcohol” is mentioned.  Must not be any of their business.  Crack and heroin for all.
  •  “Driving” isn’t mentioned.  I guess I should be able to drive at whatever speed I find appropriate.
  • Pornography isn’t mentioned.  Is protecting our children from that really none of their business?  Seriously?
  • “Income” isn’t there.  Please tell the IRS that isn’t any of their business.
  • “Church” and “Religion” aren’t there.  “None of their business” if government decides we pray to Mecca?
  • “Democracy” isn’t there a single time.  Anyone’s business?
  • “Military” is mentioned 7,323 times…..I mean zero.  Guess we don’t need one?

These examples are truthful, but yet prove nothing about our country or our beliefs.  So what words are in the Constitution?

“Vote.” It is mentioned 15 times.  Use it wisely in this election for #mssen


About randywallace
I am a husband, father, attorney, outdoorsman and cook.

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