Looks like a few tickets were handed out

One of the interesting parts of having a blog is seeing the search terms people use to reach my site.  By the looks of the search terms, a number of people arrived at my site yesterday trying to find out the cost of a ticket in Mississippi for hunting doves over bait.  The answer to the question of “what does it cost?” is “it depends.”

It depends on which county you were in, it depends on whether the law enforcement officer that issued the citation is a state or federal employee and it could also depend on whether you were simply a hunter in a baited field or if you were the landowner than illegally baited a field to make a profit.  There are many considerations.

If you were issued a hunting related citation and think that it was unjustified, find an attorney that routinely handles criminal law in the area where you were issued the citation.  Our law firm does not handle criminal cases, but I can point you in the right directed of a good criminal lawyer if you do not know of one.

On the other hand, if you were wrong and know you were wrong, take your medicine.  Live and learn.  Next year, follow the brochures I discussed from the Mississippi Department of Wildlife Fisheries and Parks and the US Fish and Wildlife Service.  I don’t doubt that there are legal ways to push the envelope, but if you stay within those guidelines you will not have to search the internet for the cost of a ticket.

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