Who has the best #deersausage ?

The are a bunch of deer meat processors in the State of Mississippi.  Some are commercial beef or pork processing facilities like Wilson’s in Crystal Springs that also happen to process deer.  Others only process deer.  In Central Mississippi, I have tried Lee’s in Byram, Dwight’s in Raymond, Van’s in Pearl, Buck Shop in Pocahontas, Martin’s in Bolton and probably a few more that I cant remember at the moment.

By and large, my favorite is Martin’s in Bolton.  Stacy Martin turns out a fine product and he processes them one deer at a time so you always get your deer back.

Some of the other processors will batch process your deer with deer from other hunters.  When they do, you are rolling the dice on whether or not those other deer have been handled as carefully as you handled yours.  I just don’t like the idea of my deer getting mixed in with someone’s deer that rode around in the back of a truck for a week while the owner showed off the rack.

Despite how much I like Martin’s sausage and boudin, I always process a couple myself when I have a chance.  Rebel Butcher Supply in Flowood has some fantastic seasoning blends.  If you ever decide to process your own deer, drop by and talk with them.  They have a recipe for dang near anything you like regardless of whether that happens to be green onion, jalapeno, cheese, garlic or whatever else added to your sausage.

As for me, just pecan smoke and a little green onion added.

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