A few stories that don’t involve the election

  • 41 people charged with car-deer insurance fraud.  Police officer, insurance adjusters and a body shop owner were among those arrested in the five million dollar scheme where “deer hair, blood, carcasses and weeds and grasses gathered by Galati’s employees were used to stage what he called “Hollywood photos” of the bogus accident.”
  • New deer regulations in Mississippi allow shooting more than one doe per day on private land and remove the requirement of hunters’ orange if the hunter is 12 feet or higher in a tree.  Also, “weapon of choice” for deer season on private land after November 30 passed.  Due to the November 30 date, the first primitive antlerless only season in early November will be excluded.
  • The Mississippi Insurance Department issued Bulletin 2014-4 dealing with rejection of uninsured motorist coverage.  More than 1 in 4 drivers on Mississippi roads are uninsured.  If you get injured by a vehicle due to the negligence of someone with no or little insurance, then your UM insurance can pay for your medical bills, loss of wages, and pain and suffering.   Compared to other types of insurance, UM is very cheap.  Buy UM, get all you can up to the limits of your liability limits and NEVER reject UM coverage.  Protect yourself and protect your family.  Given that 28% of Mississippi drivers do not have auto insurance, you are risking your financial future every time you drive if you do not have adequate uninsured motorist coverage.  Expect to see a form similar to this when your car insurance renews:


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