Wedding Insurance?

So you and your partner have decided to tie the knot with a cozy little ceremony attended by your closest family and friends.  Before you can even figure out the date, the guest list balloons to 400.  Ouch!  Looks like someone will be footing a heck of a bill.  According to the average cost for the big day (not including the honeymoon) is $25,656.

So what happens if the wedding is canceled or if the precisely planned event must be indoors due to a tropical storm?  According to an Insurance Journal report more couples are saying “I do” to wedding insurance.  But what exactly does it cover?  According to the report:

It can cover losses from issues ranging from bankrupt wedding halls to cancellations forced by unexpected military deployments. Travelers says issues with vendors account for about a quarter of the claims, with most of those related to issues with photographers or videographers.

If wedding insurance sells, why not divorce insurance?  Something that would cover a divorce attorney, relocation expenses and maybe a few counseling sessions.  It seems like a logical market given that divorce can cost as much or more than a wedding.


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One Response to Wedding Insurance?

  1. Affordable Wedding Insurance is available at http://DirectEvent.Me

    Our easy online application takes about three minutes and we can issue your insurance immediately in most cases. As this article points out, wedding insurance is a good way to protect yourself from accidents that could happen on the big day.

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