A giant middle finger to the ex-wife

Fox News Detroit reports that recently divorced Alan Markovitz purchased a home next door to his ex-wife’s home.  Set aside the immediate thoughts of “why would anyone in the world want to live next door to their ex” for a second.  Moving in was merely step 1.

For step 2, Markovitz installed a twelve foot tall statute of a hand shooting the bird and pointed it toward the ex’s home.  For some reason, the news stories blur out the middle finger.  Miley Cyrus and her lizard tongue twerking on public television is acceptable, but a giant middle finger is obscene for some unknown reason.

So what is step 3?  No house with a 12 foot tall bird shooting hand statute next door to an ex-wife would be complete without a huge spotlight.  Now the ex can view the statute any time, day or night.  How thoughtful.

When you go through a divorce, let it end.  Do not carry this sort of hate or need for revenge around.  Don’t be the guy that pays alimony with pennies.   Many of the 41 things you shouldn’t do during your divorce apply equally after your divorce.


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One Response to A giant middle finger to the ex-wife

  1. allthingsdivorce says:

    I looked for the picture online and found it. I would love to do that but it is a lot of energy wasted on my adulterous and porn lovin’ gross old ex husband so I will pass. I think lifetime alimony is the ultimate middle finger to my gross old guy and if he ever reads this, I am going to make $250,000.00 this year. I am going to use my alimony to take our family to Europe and wherever else they want to go.

    And my gross old ex husband tells our only kid he talks to that I am ruining lives around me with taking our court ordered alimony from him. I take it that means his girlfriend’s children are now in public school instead of private school. Cry me a river. And the next time he gets married and divorced, he shouldn’t try to transfer marital assets to China and England and then be upset with the consequences. Because I got eighty percent of our assets and I am set for life. It feels wonderful to know there is justice here on earth.

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