A list without Jackson, Mississippi at the bottom!

Allstate released its “2013 Best Drivers Report” and it appears Jackson, Mississippi came in 92nd place.  You can download the entire report here.  Interesting items from the report according to Allstate:

  • Best drivers are in the cities of (1) Fort Collins, CO, (2) Boise, Idaho, (3) Sioux Falls, CD, (4) Brownsville, TX and (5) Madison, WI.
  • At the bottom of the list were the cities of (194) Washington, D.C., (193) Baltimore, MD, (192) Providence, RI, (191) Hialeah, FL, and (190) Glendale, CA.

Jackson’s ranking of 92nd correlated to an average years between accidents of 9.4 compared to Fort Collins, CO’s 13.9 and Washington, D.C.’s  4.8.  You read that correctly.  A driver in D.C. on average has a wreck every 4.8 years.  Insane.

Jackson’s relative accident likelihood came in at 5.9% meaning a driver in Jackson is 5.9% more likely than the national average to have a collision.  A driver in D.C. is 109% more likely than the national average to have a wreck.  Remind me never to drive in D.C.

The take away from this report is that Jackson has decent drivers.  Certainly not the best, but a heck of a lot better than D.C., Atlanta, Houston, Chicago, New York, Oakland, Tampa, L.A., and Miami.  The fact that we have decent drivers is good news given that Mississippi leads the nation in uninsured motorists with 28% lacking liability coverage.

Allstate’s numbers show the average driver in Jackson will go 9.4 years between wrecks.  When that wreck occurs, there is better than a 1 in 4 chance that the at fault driver will lack liability insurance.  Compared to other types of insurance, uninsured motorist coverage (UM) is very cheap.  Don’t gamble with your future.  Call your insurance agent.  Buy all the UM coverage you can and NEVER waive UM coverage.   If an uninsured driver hits you and you lack sufficient UM, you could face bankrupting doctor bills and loss of wages.  Protect yourself and protect your family.


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