Why Jessie Ventura’s job offers dried up

Jessie Ventura has an unusual past.  He is the former Governor of Minnesota, a former professional wrestler, former Navy Underwater Demolition Team (UDT) member, and formerly known as James George Janos.  However, what he will be remembered for from this point forward is his lawsuit against a widow.  Not just any widow, but the widow of deceased SEAL team member Chris Kyle.

Kyle has the most confirmed kills (160) of any sniper in American history.



After serving 4+ tours overseas, Kyle penned the autobiography, American Sniper.  In the book, Kyle made mention of an older UDT member he described as scruff face.  According to the book, scruff face was speaking ill of the government and the war in Iraq while Kyle was present.  Kyle claims to have punched scruff face.  Sounds plausible.  SEALS are a tough bunch.

Apparently, Ventura took exception to Kyle’s account of the incident and sued him for defamation.  While the lawsuit was pending, Kyle was killed by a former serviceman he was attempting to help cope with post traumatic stress disorder.  Any reasonable human being would expect the Ventura lawsuit to end there, but Ventura has now substituted Chris Kyle’s widow as a defendant in place of her deceased husband.  Classy move, Ventura.  In Ventura’s deposition for the Kyle lawsuit he claimed that his job offers dried up after Kyle’s book was published.

It is more probable that Ventura’s job offers dried up because Ventura is a sorry excuse for a human.  Of course, his lack of employment could also be tied a comment he made in the Huffington Post.  Apparently miffed that a different lawsuit he filed against the US Government failed, Ventura stated “I will never stand for a national anthem again. I will turn my back and I will raise a fist.”



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