Brisket done just right

You can cook a brisket in an oven, but why?  A man trying to avoid the use of a grill is suspect in all endeavors.

Besides that, meat on a smoker is hands down better.  Not to mention, it is easy as can be.  Take a couple of briskets and trim the fat down to not more than 1/2 an inch.  Coat them in rub from Rebel Butcher Supply in Pearl, MS.  Add a dash of fresh cracked black pepper, onion powder and garlic powder.







Let them smoke on a Lang 84.  Regardless of whether you like the low and slow method of 14-16 hours at 225 degrees or prefer something similar to Myron Mixon’s hot and fast, most guests will never know the difference.


Cook them to 195 to 202 depending on the texture.  It probably wouldn’t win any contest, but then again I don’t have BBQ contest judges eating around my house.  Sort of like my dad’s old saying when we built something…..If anyone shows up with a square or plumb-bob, I am kicking them out.

Nice smoke ring and the taste is just right for us.  For some reason, all the dogs are following me around the house now 🙂


About randywallace
I am a husband, father, attorney, outdoorsman and cook.

2 Responses to Brisket done just right

  1. Anonymous says:

    Randy- nice looking 84 you have there, complete with the warming box and all. Looks like you asked Ben to custom place your thermometers, which was very smart since there’s about a 10 or 20 degree vertical temp differential. I have an 84 myself that I purchased back in 2005 and have really enjoyed it- makes whole hog a lot easier and quicker. What kind of wood do you normally cook with, or do you vary that based on what you are cooking?

    • randywallace says:

      I generally use oak for heat, but pecan and apple or persimmon for flavor. I have only cooked a whole hog about a half dozen times. A while back, a buddy asked me if I could cook him a hog “real quick” for an event. I told him there is nothing quick about a whole hog! They sure are tasty though. Take care and good cooking on your Lang.

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