Stay classy

Will Ferrell’s character, Ron Burgundy concluded newscasts with the phrase “Stay classy San Diego.”  Good advice for anyone and particularly anyone practicing law.  If you are a lawyer and unless you are Gerry Spence, over the course of your career you will win some and you will lose some.  Some days you are on top of the world and on other days the world is on top of you.  It is the nature of the work.

The ABA Journal has a report of a recent $130 million dollar medical malpractice verdict in New York.  Sure, the $130M caught my eye, but this statement was a shocker:

Lawyer Thomas Moore turned down an $8 million settlement before the first trial in 2009 and then lost the case.

Ouch.  Turned down $8,000,000.  That is a bunch of zeros.  The ABA Journal goes on to state:

After the first trial, hospital lawyer Peter Kopff had mocked Moore for turning down the settlement offer in an interview with the Post.

Apparently the appellate court later reversed the defense verdict and ordered a new trial.  At the conclusion of the new trial, the jury awarded $130,000,000.  Even more eye popping zeros.

I would suspect that Mr. Kopff wishes he would have followed Ron Burgundy’s advice…….Stay classy.



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