#Twinkies not going away?


Despite the recent reports of the demise of Hostess, it looks like they may in fact work out a deal to save the Twinkie.  Maybe the final offer and the final demand weren’t so final after all.  According to news reports, Hostess and the bakers’ union have talks scheduled to begin tomorrow morning in hopes of avoiding the liquidation of Hostess Brands.

So much like the urban legend of the shelf life of a Twinkie, Hostess Brands may survive indefinitely.  For those of you playing the Ebay Twinkie market or hording, this could cause a huge change in bidding for the 3,400+ Twinkie items listed.  Given that the good ol US of A is the fattest nation in the world, one would think a company selling Twinkies should have a gold mine.

All jokes aside, it would be great to see this company stay in business and the reported 18,500 employees keep their jobs.

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I am a husband, father, attorney, outdoorsman and cook.

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