Elena Kinoshita meet Harmony Young #legalscam

It would appear the legal email scam has a new face.  Elena Kinoshita has been replaced by Harmony Young.  Ms. Young sent the following from harmony1young@iprimus.com.au

Dear Counsel

I want to know if your firm can handle contempt petition against my ex-spouse for failure to make court ordered payments of Child Support, Spousal Support and Medical support. Kindly advise.


Harmony Young

There is also a new one from BellaK (ellaqqb@gmail.com) :

Good day Attorney,

I seek urgently the services of your law firm in a bid to bringing up legal charges against my ex-husband who now resides within your state,reason been that he has not been able to meet up the payment of spousal support,child support and medical support bills.

Do get back to me if you can be of services to me.



If for some reason you have the inclination to send money to any of these people for any reason, do us both a favor.  Send half of it to your Church and keep the other half.  That way you will only be out half of your money, get a tax deduction and the Church will be quite grateful.

On a related note, According to the FBI there is another more sophisticated scam making the rounds:

Lawyers’ Identities Being Used for Fake Websites and Solicitations

09/14/12—A recent scam has surfaced in which the identify of a Texas attorney, who had not practiced in years, was used to set up a fake law firm website using the attorney’s maiden name, former office address, and portions of her professional biography. Other attorneys have complained about the use of their names and professional information to solicit legal work. All attorneys should be on the alert to this scam. If you become aware of the same or a similar situation involving your name and/or law firm, you should immediately report the incident to local authorities, your state Bar, and the FBI at the Internet Crime Complaint Center. Additionally, be sure to closely monitor your credit report or bank accounts to ensure that your identity is not the only thing being stolen. If you have been a victim of an Internet scam or have received an e-mail that you believe was an attempted scam, please file a complaint atwww.IC3.gov.

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5 Responses to Elena Kinoshita meet Harmony Young #legalscam

  1. Don K. says:

    Got that one today. (harmony)

  2. Don K. says:

    fyi a new one, with an anglo name:

    from: Robin Earl McKinney robin.mckinney@wmich.edu
    date: Tue, Sep 18, 2012 at 4:26 PM
    subject: I need your Legal assistance over a separation Agreement.email me for more:kathrinechung@qq.com
    mailed-by: wmich.edu

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