What are you searching for?

WordPress has what it terms a “dashboard” for the administrator of a forum to check statistics on how many people are visiting, if they were referred by another site, and a host of other functions.  One of those functions allows me to see the search terms that people use to arrive at my site.  Some are relatively normal such as:

  • Elena Kinoshita scam
  • things to do during a divorce
  • alienation of affection
  • can a divorce decree be revoked
  • hoover sauce
  • dead beat dads and self employment
  • coca cola sued for $31 in texas distracted driving
  • false allegations child abuse
  • cooking a whole hog on a lang grill
  • insurance scam

While others can be quite humorous:

  • marriage is cruel
  • what can i do with my south african powerball ticket
  • i won money from microsoft
  • best way bait dove rock salt
  • stalling the divorce by not compelling during discovery
  • 40 and divorced what now
  • stupid tthings to write on facebook about your divorce
  • has your girlfriend been called as a witness in your divorce trial
  • i didnt flood my crawfish pond for 5 years in louisiana
  • can I trust my attorney

No matter what search terms you used to get here, I hope you enjoy your stay and find something of interest.

About randywallace
I am a husband, father, attorney, outdoorsman and cook.

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