The new drug dealers

My father worked in law enforcement for somewhere around 30 years.  From before I was born until the 80s, he worked at the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics starting as an Agent and ending as the Director.  As a kid, I remember him bringing home pictures taken at busts where marijuana, cocaine and/or money were stacked like cord wood.  One of the most memorable busts involved a individual by the last name of Guidry.  Mr. Guidry ended up losing most of his assets to forfeiture and last I remember, his enormous home in south Mississippi was ironically a treatment center for recovering drug abusers.  Back in those days the drug dealers were pretty easy to spot.  In their line up pictures they looked pretty much like my dad did as an undercover agent……long hair with a fu manchu mustache.

Somewhere along the way, drug dealers changed their looks.  In fact, some now wear scrubs.  More and more it appears that a small group of bad doctors are becoming the new drug dealers.  A doctor in New York has been accused of accepting landscaping and home repair services, a gas grill, paper towels and rolls of toilet paper in exchange for writing prescriptions.  I guess he figured it was easier to trade than accept insurance assignment.  Even though the new drug dealers are dispensing supposedly safe prescription drugs as opposed to bathroom made crystal meth or Colombian cocaine, people continue to die from overdoses.

According to a recent Clarion Ledger article, there were 173 drug overdose deaths last year in Mississippi.  The current Director of the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics, Marshall Fisher, said the number is even higher and “nearly all of them involve prescription drugs.”


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