Sometimes looks are not deceiving

Looks can be deceiving.  However, if it walks and quacks like a duck, often it is in fact a duck.  I was reminded of that this morning when WAPT reported the government is seeking forfeiture in the Rose Clinic cancer treatment fraud case from South Mississippi.  According to various news stories, the quacks parties involved fraudulently billed Medicare, reused needles, and diluted chemotherapy drugs.  Horrible treatment for cancer patients already suffering.

Just from looking at WAPTs picture of the exterior of the Rose Clinic, I might not jump to the hasty conclusion that the clinic was involved in fraud, but it would be pretty apparent that it wasn’t exactly a premier medical provider.

This is what cancer treatment centers are supposed to look like.   Nobody likes to pay a bunch of money to go to the doctor.  But when I do have to go, I feel more comfortable sitting in an office where it looks like the doctor is prospering.


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One Response to Sometimes looks are not deceiving

  1. Don K. says:

    Randy, just an observation, those fancy cancer centers (my brother just got over this cancer thing) are usually ‘cutting edge’ or alternative type treatment places that charge big bucks for non-covered therapies. I think the point of Rose, was to gear treatment to what Medicare/’caid would pay for and pander to that, not the wealthy people that had no other hope so they would spend every last dime to get some ‘new’ therapy. Either way I hope they fry that bitch. Incidentally, there is one of those fancy cancer places sitting vacant on State Street, right next to the Wing Stop. The chandeliers were a nice touch, but it was only open a year if that!! Take care, Don

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