Man bites dog?

At one point in time “Man bites dog” was just a phrase to describe something odd and newsworthy.  It has taken on a new meaning with synthetic drugs like K2, Spice and “bath salts” creating human and dog eating zombies.

Moving along from the zombie drugs and back toward the newsworthy, the AP recently reported that a self represented Washington man prevailed in his car wreck lawsuit to the tune of $500,000.  Unfortunately, the story doesn’t provide enough background facts to determine if $500,000 was adequate or excessive compensation for his injuries.

According to the story, the gentleman described his injuries as “permanent, progressive and disabling.”  If so, does it work against your cause to show the jury that you are able to represent yourself in Court for a number of days at trial?  In any event, I guess it worked out to his satisfaction.

I have witnessed and participated in litigation where individuals decided to take a stab at self representation.   However, in my short 12+ years of practicing law I have yet to see a self represented individual  prevail.  Generally, it is much more like the often repeated adage, “A man who represents himself has a fool for a client.”  My hat goes off to the gentleman from Washington.  You have accomplished something rarer than a man biting a dog.


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