Also known as rock, paper, and scissors.  Remember the game?  Rock beats scissors, scissors beat paper, paper beats rock.  Sounds simple, but some individuals study the game intently.  For example, the World RPS Society.

The practice of law rarely comes down to a game of RPS, but it has occurred.  For example, in 2006 Federal Judge Presnell issued an order requiring the parties to engage in a single game of RPS to decide the location for a 30(b)(6) deposition.

After reading that order, every time I think of RPS I have a vision of a couple of high-priced attorneys meeting on the courthouse steps for a game of RPS and trying to justify the event to their clients.

If I am ever ordered to engage in RPS, I am going with rock.  Here is why……


By the way, never play RPS with someone that makes up rules as they go like Saddam Hussein.


About randywallace
I am a husband, father, attorney, outdoorsman and cook.

One Response to Roshambo?

  1. thusbloggedanderson says:

    So just switch to playing Rock, Scissors, Tarp.

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