Scam emails from the past couple of weeks

Looks like I am still on the master mailing list for legal scammers.  The last couple of weeks I have received the following:

Please I need  your firm to  represent me to enforce an agreement and possible litigation and collection of settlement agaisnt my Ex…

From Stephany Kiyoshi with an email address of

Dear Attorney, I swiftly need your legal help in my divorce case…

Also from Stephany Kiyoshi.  I guess my failure to reply caused her to send the second message.

I need your legal help over a Settlement Agreement against me and my ex.

Another appearance from Lauranne Chinatsu at

Previous posts about these scams here, here, here, and here.

All of these scams have a common theme.  Someone owes the potential client a sum of money for some reason (divorce and business debt have been the most popular).  The potential client wants you to contact the debtor and secure payment.  If you are dumb enough to contact the alleged debtor, he will quickly agree to pay the amount due via check, money order or some other worthless paper.  Your client will instruct you to deposit the check and quickly forward his share less your contingency fee.  You think everything is going smooth until your bank calls to let you know that the check or money order is a fake.  Now you get to replace the money in your client trust account and everyone is going to think you are an idiot for falling into this trap.


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