Garden time!

Most every person in Mississippi that plants a garden has already done so by the first of May.  Some of my friends are already picking tomatoes.  But not me.   I cannot say that the late planting was due to my fear of a frost because it barely got cold enough last winter to even kill anything.  Nor was I waiting for bugs to emerge or Easter to pass.  I have simply been busy with other pursuits like catching fish and chasing turkeys.

This year, I decided to try “no plow.”  A couple of articles made it sound like a decent way to go instead of using a tiller.  After a quick trip to Hope Depot for some gardening weed blocker, betterboy maters and jalapeno peppers,  I finally made time for planting.  With any luck, the rain that is predicted for this weekend will give everything a boost.  Now I just have to find a place to put my cucumbers and squash in. 



About randywallace
I am a husband, father, attorney, outdoorsman and cook.

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