Latest additions to legal scams

Email scams targeting lawyers are still on the rise.  I have previously blogged about them here, here, here, and here.  Not a week goes by without at least one email scam landing in my inbox.  The newest additions:

Good Day,

I am Theo Trescher, Our company (Trescher Fabrication Ltd) needs your legal Assistance on a collection case. Please Advise.

Dear Counsel

I am in need of your service with regards to enforcement/collection of divorce settlement or possible litigation with my ex spouse. Kindly advise.

Name: Valerie Yasushi


Domestic Debt Collection Lawyer Required? If yes please respond asap.If no, please refer.

Lauranne Chinatsu


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4 Responses to Latest additions to legal scams

  1. Randy, listen to this story sometime. These three guys decide to scam a scammer. It’s amazing.

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