Putt, putt, putt

I have been after one specific turkey all year that has a very distinct gobble.  Despite there being a number of birds with him, once the feet hit the ground he is the only one that gobbles.  Earlier this year I had another bird in range, but let him walk off because this bird that haunts me sounded like he was walking in right behind him. 

In true turkey fashion I got a few glimpses of him but the loudmouth stayed out there just out of range and I went home sans thunderchicken.  This bird simply doesn’t want to be called.  He sits on the limb and gobbles until hens walk under him.  Then he drops down, gobbles 10 -15 times at his leisure over the next hour.  I have hunted him early, mid day and afternoon with the same amount of success.  None.  

This morning I figured he would be back in his typical roosting area and I was right.  Sort of.  Instead of being where I expected him, he was about 80 yards closer and my hunt ended with putt, putt, putt and wing flaps.  The worst sound in the spring woods (with the possible exception of chainsaws and skidders).  While I didn’t see him, I have no doubt that he was flipping me the bird with his over sized turkey toe as he flew to safety.  Despite that, I waited around a while with the hope that another bird might come my way.  After a couple hours nothing happened and it was time for work.  As I walked out, the sorry $%*$%^ let loose with a gobble just at the edge of where I could hear.  I am pretty sure it was the avian version of “kiss my turkey butt.”  It would be nice to get him before the end of the season, but this bird may just die of old age.


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I am a husband, father, attorney, outdoorsman and cook.

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