Sushi at home

People have various ideas about sushi.  One of my friends refers to it as fish bait.  Other friends really, really enjoy it.  Of course, what people consider sushi varies as well.  Some chow down on california rolls whereas others go for the raw stuff (that’s me).

There is no telling how much sushi I have eaten over the years, but suffice it to say it is a heck of a lot.  A good buddy just came back from what can only be described as the saltwater fishing trip of a lifetime.  Three days in the ocean traveling from South Louisiana to Destin, Florida and catching tuna, amberjack, shark, grouper along with a host of other fish.

As soon as he returned he called and said for me to stop by for some tuna.  He didn’t have to ask twice.  While I love grilled tuna, the best way for me is sushi.  Easy enough, take 1 huge chunk of tuna.


Go to Mr. Chen’s  Asian Market for sushi paper ($3), a bamboo sushi mat ($2), jasmine rice ($3) cucumbers ($2) and sesame seeds ($3).

Roll it all together and it is dinner time.  Never been frozen tuna straight from the gulf to my plate. 

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I am a husband, father, attorney, outdoorsman and cook.

One Response to Sushi at home

  1. Larry says:

    Nice. Wish I had been there!

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