Morgan Callers

For the past couple of days I have been waiting on a package from College Station, Texas.  Not just any package, but a package containing turkey callers from Morgan’s Turkey Callers.  I had the pleasure of speaking with Mr. Kenny Morgan several times over the years prior to his passing back in November and purchased his Morgan Caller gobble tubes for myself and as gifts.  However, I never obtained one of his frictionwood callers or the beggin hen.  After his passing, I was initially afraid that no more would be produced, but his son Kenneth is carrying on.

The Morgan family wrote a fitting message about Mr. Kenny on the webpage:

Turkey Hunters and Friends,

Many have heard but many others of you may not know that we lost Kenny on November 20th, 2011, after his courageous three-year battle with cancer. Throughout, and until his last day on this earth, he loved us, he engaged life and all those around him, and he inspired with an attraction that pointed to his faith in the Lord.

He had a most special place in his heart for two groups of people: his students and his fellow turkey hunters. “I have been involved with several thousand young men and women and with many of their families; they have influenced me greatly; what a privilege it has been.”

Morgan’s Turkey Callers are continuing to be made according to Kenny’s wishes, designs and his earlier direct instruction. Kenny’s son Kenneth and a trusted and expert woodcrafter worked with Kenny and are continuing to craft Kenny’s turkey callers, instruments whose sole purpose is to call turkeys to the gun.

I opened the package and was not disapointed.

I couldn’t help but think of my own father.  At some point in his life he became fond of what he called “lettering” things.  He would take a speach, a quote or some other tidbit of information and write it out in calligraphy.  He would then have it framed and give them away to friends and family. 

A couple of years after my dad passed away and after the birth of my daughter, one of my dad’s friends called and asked if he could drop by for a moment.  He brought with him one of my dad’s creations and on it was lettered:

The love of a parent can never be returned~ only handed down.


Good luck Kenneth.  Mr. Kenny surely handed down many things to you over the years.


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