The death of marriage?

As a kid, most of my friends lived in a house with their parents.  Sure, some of my classmates lived in homes where their parents had divorced, but they certainly weren’t anywhere near the majority.  By the same token, there were a few classmates that had children out of wedlock during the highschool and college years, but they were few and far between.

While the number of unwed mothers continues to rise and I hear about it often in the news, I really didn’t know the specific numbers until reading Kingfish’s post on JacksonJambalaya this morning.  It is alarming to say the least.

The unwed birthrate has basically doubled in Mississippi over the past 20 years from 28.1% to 54.7%.  Twelve counties have rates in excess of 75% and not a single county has a rate of below 30%.  The next child born in Claiborne or Humphries county statistically has a greater than 87.5% chance to be born to an unwed mother.  Until something is done to reverse this trend poverty and crime will continue on their vicious cycle.


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