Dumptrucks and turkeys

There have been times when I cursed dump trucks.  You know, the ones in front of you that sling gravel up and break your windshield.  Then there are ones that ride up and down your property line taking your neighbor’s gravel out and making so much noise that you can’t hear yourself think.

 Well this morning I heard a good dump truck.  I was sitting down having a cup of coffee at about 7:30 when I heard it hit a straight away and throttle up.  As it got closer, I kept waiting for it to hit one of the potholes that litter the Mississippi highways. 

 I didn’t think it was going to happen, but then it finally did.  One of those huge tires fell into a hole created by the combination of weight, Yazoo clay and water.  As the tire hit the hole, the back gate slammed with a boom that is about as close to lightening as you can get without having electricity.  I waited…and waited.  No gobble.  My heart sunk a little because I was sure as could be that I was within hearing distance of a gobbler and equally sure that he should have gobbled at that thundering racket of metal slamming metal. 

No sooner than I sat my coffee down and wondered where the turkeys had gone, the dumptruck hit another pothole (no big surprise given that they are within sight of each other on most of that highway).  Before the metallic echo finished, a gobbler sounded off.  Before I could pick my coffee back up, a couple more chimed in from a little deeper in the woods.  I sat there for another 15 minutes listening to them converse and then eased out.  I have a date with these boys on Thursday.



About randywallace
I am a husband, father, attorney, outdoorsman and cook.

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