Still scamming from Nigeria

After blogging here, here and here about people trying to scam lawyers over the internet, I continue to receive the same old email scams.  Here is recent one:

Dear Attorney:

We like to know if you have conflict that will prevent you from representing Precision Machine Products company, Poland, against an entity in your jurisdiction.

Due to some accounts in your jurisdiction not fulfilling their contractual obligations, we are currently looking to appoint a legal representative who can ensure that our delinquent or past due accounts are settled and represent our company in the collection or possible law suit.

If you require the name of the opposing party to conduct your internal conflict, please respond to our inquiry.

I look forward to receiving your mail.

Yours respectfully,

Cesar Benedty


Precision Machine Products Company Poland A. div of Aiki Riotech Corporation

4 15-1 #204 Ko

Just out of curiosity, Iused to see where the email originated.  Looks like they don’t call them Nigerian scams for nothing.

While I am not at all suprised that these emails keep coming, I am surprised to see from a recent announcement from the Mississippi Bar that a local lawyer was bilked out of “hundreds of thousands of dollars” in a similar scam.  Ouch!

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