Gumbo – a lesson learned

This past weekend we decided to make gumbo at deer camp.  Not an everyday gumbo, but a super duper all in gumbo.  Deer loin, chicken, sausage, lobster and shrimp.  The roux came out perfect.  vegetables went in and smelled great.  Meat went in and we started the slow process of letting it simmer.  Everything was great.  Until….

This is where the story goes horribly wrong.  While the gumbo was simmering, I had to make a grocery run for some rice.  While in the store, I noticed they had some gumbo grabs.  Thinking to myself that the only thing that could make this insane gumbo even better would be those crabs so I grabbed them.  Fast forward a short time.

Everyone gets back from the afternoon hunt and is expecting gumbo.  What we discovered was best summed up in the first comment I heard “that smells like dog poo!”  Keep in mind, this was about 70 pounds of gumbo that had to be dumped out.  We didn’t dare dump it in a creek for fear of poisoning the local water supply.  Without a doubt, this was the worst smelling stuff ever to pollute the air at our place.  We ended up dumping it at the deer gut pile.  It even made that area smell worse. 

I suspect the EPA will call at any minute to tell me the smell has caused airplanes to fall from the  sky.  We are going to make a run at it again this weekend.  I will try to take some pics and you can bet your last dollar there will be no crabs going in it this time!

About randywallace
I am a husband, father, attorney, outdoorsman and cook.

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