Another version of the old scam…..

Friday junk email.  As always, there are people out there still trying to scam a few bucks.  Here is the latest: 


Attention: Counselor,


Please I require your legal service on a debt Litigation in North American; there is Legal dispute between two North American Companies and Japanese Company in a matter of $1.2 million. The Japanese Company is offering you 30% of the sum $1.2m on contingency, the two matters is likely to be settled in US Court of Law because one of the debtor companies has so far refusing any discussion or negotiation as my effort to resolved the matters without legal proceedings!


Awaiting for your response and advise.




Mr. Wargane Gara Lelaki

Kuala Lumpur



Has anyone ever received a valid request via email from an unknown party in Malaysia to represent them in a matter?  Maybe you have, but it doesn’t happen around here. 




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