Steamy waders…..not again.

Never in my life before this week have I purposefully gone teal hunting.  Sure, we have smacked a few of them while pursuing other quackers, but always during the December and January seasons.  That changed this week.  In a word…  HOT.  I don’t care how cool it gets in September, it is too dang hot for any form of waders.  When we got back to the truck and pulled off the waders, steam came out of them.

We didn’t kill a thing but time.  The best part of the day was watching the sun rise with a couple of friends and one special four-legged buddy.  He didn’t appear to care that the teal wouldn’t cooperate.  Like us, he was just happy to be out of the house.


All in all, it was fun but probably not something I want to do again.  I would just assume shoot doves when it is 85 degrees and save the teal for the 30 degree January mornings.


About randywallace
I am a husband, father, attorney, outdoorsman and cook.

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