Still trying to scam lawyers…..

I previously blogged about a scam going around attempting to separate lawyers from their money.  Well, a different variation of the same scam is going around again and looks something like this:

Hello Counsel,     

I am inquiring about the possibility of your firm representing me in the litigation of a loan matter.

Debtor: Eric Madison

Amount: $288,000.00

Amount 80,000

Balance $208,000.00 plus 7.75% annual interest.

If you or your firm can be of any assistance, please get back to me at your earliest convenience so I can send you related documents.

Your’s Truly

Gary Hossa
Tel: 289-888-1869

The reason I say it looks something like this is because I received the exact same email from 6 different senders in the past four days.

I also received this one:

I need your counsel for litigation,collection or enforcement of settlement agreement between me and my ex.

Crystal Masaru

Ms. Masaru is much more to the point, but the result is the same. 

These scams have been going on for several years and all revolve around a common theme.  Someone owes the potential client a sum of money for some reason (divorce and business debt have been the most popular).  The potential client wants you to contact the debtor and secure payment.  If you are dumb enough to contact the alleged debtor, he will quickly agree to pay the amount due via check, money order or some other worthless paper.  Your client will instruct you to deposit the check and quickly forward his share less your contingency fee.  You think everything is going smooth until your bank calls to let you know that the check or money order is a fake.  At this point, getting your money back is about as likely as winning the powerball lottery.

Sure it sounds crazy, but some some firms have fallen for it.


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  4. great blog 😀 I’m very glad I wandered onto it through yahoo. going to have to put this one on the old bookmark list 🙂

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