Lying to your attorney……..

Begin Monday Rant………

Typically, my clients are truthful with me.  Over the past 11+ years, I can only think of a couple of times where it became apparent that my client had lied to me about the case.  I am not talking about a client that said he was hurt on Monday and it turns out the day was Wednesday.  I am talking about a client telling me that he was injured solely due to the defendant’s negligence and then finding out that nothing could be further from the truth.  Or, a client that tells me he has never injured his right arm only to find out he broke it three times riding a skateboard before being in a car wreck. 

In a recent matter, the defendants were directly behind the 8 ball (this is a complex legal term meaning “really screwed”).  It appeared they had no way out based on what my client AND his witness told me.  Until………..drum roll please………..One of the defendants produced an audio statement of my client.  Not just any statement, but a statement that completely changed how the incident occurred and the responsible party.  I know what you are thinking here.  “Randy, why on Earth didn’t you ask your client about any recorded statements?”  I DID.  I ask all my clients that question at intake.  Do you think he told me the truth?  Nope. 

I confronted him about the statement and he claimed the recorded statement was wrong. ^%$^&$  My blood was boiling at this point.  A waste of time and money and he still lied when confronted with his own words.  My grandma had a saying about people like that.  “The truth wasn’t in him.”

End of Monday rant.  Back to work to make up for the time and money wasted on a liar.


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I am a husband, father, attorney, outdoorsman and cook.

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