A few pickups from Highland Village

Saturday, we all loaded up for a little shopping trip after the Tomato Festival in Crystal Springs.  My wife and I had eyeballed the Five Fingers shoes from Vibram for a while and decided it was time to go try some out.  After a little internet research, the closest place for us was Buffalo Peak Outfitters in Highland Village.  They come in many colors and styles, but I settled on plain old black.  These are not the easiest things to get on, but once you do they are quite comfortable.


On the way out, I remembered that Paul Anthony’s market was right around the corner.  A good friend has been raving about the spinalis he bought there.  I must confess, until a couple of months ago, I had absolutely no idea what spinalis was.   I have since come to find out that spinalis dorsi is the top cap muscle of the ribeye.  Given that I love ribeyes, I figured spinalis would be right up my alley.  It was. 

Seasoned with cracked black pepper on one side and fresh sea salt on the other.  No need to get fancy and mask the flavor of this tasty piece of meat.

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I am a husband, father, attorney, outdoorsman and cook.

3 Responses to A few pickups from Highland Village

  1. Chesnee Wallace says:

    It was fantastic!!

  2. Your Lies Have Lies says:

    I just looked at a pair of Fila Skele-toes over the weekend. I was not impressed. It looks like what you have is the real deal. We have an Buffalo Peak Outfitters here in Oxford. I will have to check them out.

  3. randywallace says:

    YLHL, I did some research before getting them and most posts said the Fila shoes where not of the same quality. I really like them so far. Ultra light weight. Time will tell as to durability. They will definatly get some use on the river. As a kid I had to get about 20 stitches in the bottom of my foot due to swimming where someone had a broken bottle. Needless to say, I am careful where I put my feet now.

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