Memorial Day BBQ

A big round of thanks goes out to the men and women of our armed services.  Without the sacrifices you make and have made, Americans would not enjoy the freedom we have today.  There are many ways to celebrate Memorial Day, but one of the best is without a doubt to gather with friends and BBQ.

We cooked 4 briskets, 2 Boston butts, a few dozen chicken wings and some jalapeno/bacon wrapped deer meat. 

Why are they called Boston butts?  BBQers in Boston didn’t invent the pig and sure didn’t invent BBQ.  A number of websites including Holland Grill contain the following explanation:

In pre-revolutionary New England and into the Revolutionary War, some pork cuts (not those highly valued, or “high on the hog,” like loin and ham) were packed into casks or barrels (also known as “butts”) for storage and shipment. The way the hog shoulder was cut in the Boston area became known in other regions as “Boston Butt.” This name stuck and today, Boston butt is called that almost everywhere in the US, …except in Boston.

I am not at all certain about the explanation for naming Boston butts, but my wife and I are both sure that they are dang fine when slow cooked with tender love and care until they hit about 197 degrees.


About randywallace
I am a husband, father, attorney, outdoorsman and cook.

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