Is this the best you can do to scam a lawyer?

Every week, I receive emails attempting to scam me out of a few bucks.  Phillip Thomas and others have been targets as well.   Today’s awesome offer for your viewing pleasure:

Greeting Counsel,

my purpose for contacting your firm is to inquire for representation. I have a premium settlement case in your jurisdiction that needs to be addressed and finalized as soon as possible. The need to gain your representation is to enforce the settlement agreed upon by my ex-spouse and me.

This agreement was made under the Collaborative Law Agreement, but so far, it has not been formally adhered to properly, by my ex-husband. I say this because, as of today he still owes me a gross amount in settlement funds. These were supposed to be paid in full plus all legal fee if need be since October,29th 2010.

I am in the process of retiring from my job as a sales associate and travel coordinator for the Korean Airways. I am currently posted in South Korea and will be finishing my employment contract.

I am in the process of settling down with my new spouse and kids, therefore collecting all owed funds are essential to us. I am unable to abandon my work to handle this issue back in America; therefore your counsel will be greatly welcomed and appreciated.

Please inform me if you are able to take on this case. I believe you understand what needs to be done, so before we proceed I will need to review your retainer agreement and also your fees so we can proceed.

However if your law firm does not handle such divorce issues kindly refer me to a law firm that can assist me.

I await your earnest reply.

Yours Faithfully

Annette Y Matsumoto


A small piece of advice to Mrs. Matsumoto…….drop the use of the phrase “collaborative law agreement” (CLA).  It is a nifty buzzword floating around family law circles, but CLAs have not made it mainstream in Mississippi and probably never will (subject of a future post).


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