Truth Drugs Outlawed in India for Police Interrogations

Imagine a situation where a “truth drug” such as sodium thiopental is injected into a suspect or witness, drugging the individual into a semi-conscious state during which police interrogation takes place.  Of course, no attorney is present for the suspect or witness. 

Outside of a few Hollywood films, it is a foreign concept to most Americans.  Until last week, it wasn’t unusual at all for citizens of India.  I must confess that when I first glanced at a news article, I thought it said Indiana and briefly thought “what in the heck is wrong with those folks?”

Finally, the Supreme Court of India arrived at a similar question and according to the article found that “No individual can be forced and subjected to such techniques involuntarily,” and that “It amounts to unwarranted intrusion of personal liberty.”  Novel concepts.

Whether it be due to someone the media portrays as guilty receiving a not guilty jury verdict or a civil plaintiff receiving more or less than citizens feel just,  Americans are constantly bombarded with complaints about our civil justice system.  When you look around the world and see other countries finally moving toward a just system, be proud and thankful that we have a Constitution of valuable rights which helps secure our daily freedom.

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