First thousand…

Today, 27 days after creation, my little blog passed the 1,000 visitor milestone.  That is nothing compared to big sites like Google (over 34,000 searches per second), Yahoo (3,200 per second), Microsoft (927 per second) or Facebook (700 status updates per second), but it isn’t too bad for a lawyer’s blog talking about food, family, law and the outdoors. 

Speaking of food, have you ever wondered how to boil good crawfish?  I have cooked them for years, but ran across this video that makes it pretty easy even for the cajun-impaired.  If you decide to give it a try, call my old friend Kelly Ray over at T’Beaux’s Crawfish in Clinton, Mississippi.  He learned the family business from his dad in Vicksburg and from the taste of his mudbugs, I can guarantee you that he learned it well.

The US Corp Of Engineers has released several updates about the Mississippi River flooding at Vicksburg and Natchez.  The Flood Fight of 2011 page has updates down the left side of the menu.  This May 6th report thoroughly describes the impact of the 2011 flood and makes comparisons to the 1927 flood.  So far, Eagle Lake is safe, but that could change without notice.  The COE has also has also released a flood map for the Natchez/Vidalia area.  Much like Vicksburg, it is going to be bad.  In fact, Natchez is currently scheduled to crest at 64 feet on May 21.  The previous high was 58.0 way back in 1937.  It is hard to comprehend a flood of 6 feet above an all time high in a historic place like Natchez.  Good luck guys.


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I am a husband, father, attorney, outdoorsman and cook.

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