A fine weekend for cooking

This weekend, one of my best friends celebrated his 40th birthday.  In honor of the occasion, I brought out the Lang 84 and fired it up.  A friend asked how much charcoal I used.  The answer shocked him.  1 bag.  Why only 1 bag?  Because I only use charcoal to get started.  From there on out, seasoned oak with a dash of cherry, pecan or apple is the only way to go.  But what about getting too much smoke?  You will not get the horrible indigestion causing smoke if you stick with seasoned wood!  Cook with a freshly cut piece of pecan, and I can guarantee you some Rolaids or Tums will be in order.  This is the cooker ginning away at 350.

Notice the lack of smoke?  That is just how you want it.  All in all, we cooked 5 boston butts, 35 pounds of chicken quarters, 20 ears of corn, 25 hamburgers, a pan of baked beans and a rack of jalapeno poppers.  The Lang wasn’t even close to being full.

My little executive chef was overseeing the cooking to make dang sure I didn’t burn anything.

This was the end result for me.  A nice pulled pork sammy, a few jap poppers, bacon laced baked beans, oriental slaw/ salad and a buttered ear of corn.   

This was the end result for the birthday boy.  40 was rough on him…..or maybe it was the tequila.


About randywallace
I am a husband, father, attorney, outdoorsman and cook.

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