Friday morning roundup

  • Jim Beck and others over at the Drug and Device Blog outline ediscovery aimed at plaintiffs.  Plaintiffs’ lawyers sending onerous “litigation holds” might want to consider what happens when the shoe is on the other foot.  We are seeing more and more defendants requesting social media information through discovery.  This is another reminder of why it is important to thoroughly screen your clients and cases.  If the client tells you he cant lift, see, bend or drive it isn’t a good idea for him to have a facebook video showing how fast he can bend over the bed of a truck, retrieve a spare tire, change a flat and then race off Nascar style.
  • Chancellor Primeaux gives congratulations to my alma mater, Mississippi College School of Law regarding the Judicial Data Project.  As noted, it is an excellent site to obtain videos of oral arguments, briefs and statistics.  Yet another way that technology is making law more accessible to citizens.  Check out the site and then consider the fact that just a few years ago, the only way to see an oral argument before the Mississippi Supreme Court was to travel to Jackson and obtaining a brief would require scheduling an appointment with the Court Clerk. 
  • NMissCommentor has several good posts about the Mississippi River flood of 2011
  • The Corp of Engineers has posted an update on the Buck Chute project to prevent flooding at Eagle Lake.  If you are wondering “will my land flood,” take a look at the Vicksburg, Mississippi Area Inundation Map the COE has prepared.
  • Phillip Thomas over at Mississippi Litigation Review continues his excellent reporting of Mississippi jury verdicts with an update on the $322 million Smith County verdict in the case of Brown v. Union Carbide and Connoco Phillips.

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