Turkey calls and Frank Cox

Turkey season in Mississippi has now passed.  Kenny Morgan describes turkey hunting as “A One Man Game.”  Despite that, I had a heck of a time with old friends and even a young one.  When I was younger, most of my calls were made of plastic and glass.  The older I get and the longer I pursue turkeys, the more I appreciate fine turkey calls. 

That led me to what has become my favorite call.  The trumpet by Frank Cox.


Mr. Cox is a craftsman in every sense of the word.  You will not find a fancy webpage with prices and pictures, but rather have to seek him out.  Once you find him, there is no guarantee that he will make you a call.  Don’t expect to get it next week even if he does agree to make a call for you.  His ordering system is simple.  He will take your name and phone number to put on his list.  When your name comes up, whether it be 6 months or 16 months, he will call you and discuss the particulars of what you want.  Some might complain that his process takes too long, but as with most anything worth having, it is certainly worth the wait.

Demand for his calls is substantial due to his craftsmanship and the limited supply.  I saw even a slightly damaged one sell on ebay recently for in excess of $800.   What you wont see on ebay or advertised around the internet is the fact that Mr. Cox donates a call every year for the benefit of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.  His 2010 call sold for $5,500 and his 2011 call sold for $3,000.  Those are hefty donations for a very worthwhile cause.

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I am a husband, father, attorney, outdoorsman and cook.

3 Responses to Turkey calls and Frank Cox

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  2. jim river says:

    Frank Cox is an asshole.

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