Mississippi River flooding updated

Last week, I mentioned that the Mississippi River is set to flood in a major way.  It is now predicted to be even worse.

Let these river stages from the Corp of Engineers sink in for a second. 

GREENVILLE | 64.5|5/15A| 58.2| 1973|

VICKSBURG   | 57.5|5/18A| 56.0| 1927| 

NATCHEZ        |65.0|5/20A| 58.0| 1937|

In the next few days and weeks, the Mississippi Delta will experience epic flooding the likes of which will hopefully not be seen again in my lifetime.  These projections, if experienced, will be new all-time high recordings in Greenville by 6.3 feet, Vicksburg by 1.5 feet and Natchez, 7 feet.  If you have anything along the Mississippi River that can be moved, you better get it to higher ground if you want to keep it.


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