Monday afternoon at the office

  • Y’all Politics is breaking the news that Haley Barbour will not be running for President.  Not a big surprise.  His numbers have been down.  That being said, Barbour has been and will continue to be a political force for many years. 
  • The Mississippi River is headed for what could be historic flooding.  Corps of Engineers is predicting 53.5 at the Vicksburg, Mississippi gauge on May 18.  If you have livestock or movable property along the big muddy, now would be a good time to move it.  The highest level on record for Vicksburg was 56 back in 1927.  This is really going to test the levees if it reaches the estimated level.  If I am reading their data correctly, it hasn’t been over 51 in my lifetime (since the Easter flood of 1973).  Greenville and Natchez are both predicted to hit all time high levels.
  • Chancellor Primeaux has a little snippet about how to tell if you are being bugged.  That reminded of a recent post by attorney Buddy Coxwell where he discussed legal issues surrounding spying on a spouse.  I suspect that in the not too distant future, new law will be made on the issue of just how far a spouse can go with their spying.
  • All too often, we take depositions and leave thinking that we have obtained the perfect information only to have the deponent make “changes” on the errata sheet.  As the 10th Circuit recently noted, a deposition isn’t a “take home examination.”  This practice should be coming to an end in Mississippi as well thanks to a recent decision where the Mississippi Supreme Court stated “the purpose of an errata sheet is to correct scrivener’s errors or provide minor clarification;  it is not a means of making material, substantive changes to a witness’s testimony.”  Hyundai Motor Am. v. Applewhite, 53 So. 3d 749, 758 (Miss. 2011).

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