Tuesday, Tuesday – the day after tax day

  •  Interesting race and stereotyping exercise from the University of Chicago.  The basic finding is that: 

Participants shoot an armed target more quickly and more often when that target is Black, rather than White. However, participants decide not to shoot an unarmed target more quickly and more often when the target is White, rather than Black. In essence, participants seem to process stereotype-consistent targets (armed Blacks and unarmed Whites) more easily than counterstereotypic targets (unarmed Blacks and armed Whites). 

I gave it a try and there was little difference between my kill percentage and reaction time for people holding a gun regardless of race.  Moral of the story……….If you point a gun at me, I will shoot you regardless of your skin color. 

  • Evidently the perils of a fill in the blank divorce without a lawyer present were not apparent to Samuel Jernigan.  What tidbits can be gleaned from this case?


  1. A withdrawal of consent to divorce filed four days after the decree is entered is not effective. ¶ 13.
  2. While both spouses must consent to an irreconcilable-differences (ID) divorce wavering on whether a divorce should be entered does not invalidate the divorce so long as the parties are in agreement on the day that the chancellor is considering the issue.  ¶ 14.
  3. A hearing is not necessary before a judgment can be entered in an ID divorce.¶ 18.
  4. A chancellor does not have to make a specific finding that a property settlement agreement (PSA) is adequate and sufficient and the appellate court will only reverse if convinced “that the agreement is inadequate and insufficient in terms of equity and entirety.” ¶ 21.
  5. A chancellor’s failure to require 8.05 financial statements is not necessarily reversible error, but can be if it allowed one spouse to conceal major assets.¶ 23.
  6. If you deed land to your spouse and she deeds it to someone else, don’t expect to get that land back.  ¶ 26-28.

Fill-in-the-blank divorce forms generally cause more problems than they resolve.  If you are involved in a divorce, find competent local counsel that can assist you in reviewing your options.  Don’t trust your future to forms.


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  1. Larry says:

    Dadgum. You scooped me. I have a post on this case to go up tomorrow.

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